About Us

Having worked with major hotel and restaurant chains like The Leela Hotel in Chennai, Lalit Hotel in Kolkata, Specialty Restaurants, Massive Restaurants, Theobroma, Neelam comes with a strong background in culinary art, with understanding of textures, temperature & techniques of modern cooking. While making a dish, one needs to have an eye for detail (consistency while piping, delicacy while assembling) and Neelam has mastered the same over years.

Even before she stepped into the kitchen in a professional capacity, she had gone through rigorous on-ground training in some of the most fast paced, ambitious and innovative kitchens in the country. She was heading the Bengaluru outlet of Farzi café as Pastry chef.

The turning point in her career was a chance participation in Pastry queen India in 2015 where she was applauded for her exceptional menu which was influenced by Indian interpretation of western desserts.

This competition gave her a vision to explore her culinary prowess further and create a brand that would help her showcase her talent globally. Hence, Ornamental Mithai was founded.

Ornamental Mithai is a result of an inspiration and love derived out of the vivid flavours and craftsmanship that’s present in every Indian mithai. Every single mithai is crafted as an ornament with the most superior quality of ingredient and packaged as if that is the last mithai on the planet to create a feeling luxury and royalty.

Our vision is to be the best and the most luxurious Indian confectioners across the globe through constant innovation and use of best quality ingredient.

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